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Let The Pharmacy Professionals Prepare you to Join the

Rewarding Field of Pharmacy!

Get your California State License and you will meet the

requirements to sit for the National Pharmacy Technician Exam!


Within the vibrant and varied environment of California, The Pharmacy Professionals 
emerges as a hub of new career opportunities for adults. Established in December 2012, TPP is
committed to providing high-quality, affordable, and concise courses for aspiring Pharmacy
Technicians. Recognizing the complexities of juggling professional responsibilities, personal
life, and educational aspirations, the program is specifically designed to accommodate the
distinct demands of adults leading active lives.


TPP's innovative program, delivered as an online and in-person program breaks down geographical barriers,enabling
students from all corners of California to participate. The course, a comprehensive 300-hour
journey, melds online reading, in-person lectures and pharmacy calculation labs, quizzes, and workbook

activities with a PTCB online prep course.
Designed with the adult learner in mind, it requires a commitment of at least 15 hours per week
for lecture reading and quiz completion and labs. This structure caters to those balancing other life
responsibilities, offering flexibility yet maintaining the rigor necessary for success in the field.


As students navigate through the curriculum, they gradually build a foundation robust enough to
clear them for the PTCB exam. The culmination of their effort is a 120-hour externship,
providing invaluable hands-on experience as specified in section code 1793.6(c). This qualifies the 

the student for registration as a Pharmacy Technician through the California State Board of Pharmacy

section code 1793.6 after successfully passing the PTCB exam.

Through its blend of accessibility, structured learning, and practical training, The Pharmacy
Professionals stands as a pivotal platform for adult learners aspiring to reinvent themselves in the
pharmacy field, guiding them from curiosity to career with dedication and expertise.


Cost: $1999.99 

Next Course Starts June 29 , 2024

Call and Email for more Information!

(909) 313-8742 


We are Proud to be a PTCB Recognized Training Program and Official PTCB

Advocate Educator!





Start your career as a Pharmacy Technician Today!

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We Provide Hands on Training in an actual Pharmacy!











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