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At the Pharmacy Professionals we are committed to giving you short term, quality, and affordable Pharmacy Technician courses. Our courses are offered to meet the needs of busy adults who want a new career path. All courses runs for 300 hours of online reading, in person labs and calculation courses, quizzes and a PTCB online Prep course. The PTCB Prep course is given by and is $29.99. Students must complete this program and turn in the certificate of completion. We require students to complete at least 20 hours a week of lecture reading and  quiz taking and an online PTCB course. Once the student is complete with their class time, online Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Test Prep, have taken all quizzes, including a mandatory final exam and completed their 120 hour externship, they will be cleared to submit their application to the board of pharmacy under section code 1793.6. It will also open the door to taking the PTCB exam.  Upon passing the coure and completing the 120 hour externship required it will make the student eligible to apply for Registration as a Pharmacy Technician in the State of California.

This course is designed to prepare our students to be an asset to an actual community pharmacy and clinical pharmacy environment as an entry level Pharmacy Technician. This course offers the following:

1793.6.  Training Courses Specified by the Board. A course of training that meets the requirements of Business and Professions Code section 4202 (a)(2) is: (a) Any pharmacy technician training program accredited by the American Society of Health--System Pharmacists, (b) Any pharmacy technician training program provided by a branch of the federal armed services for which the applicant possesses a certificate of completion, or (c)(1) Any other course that provides a training period of at least 240 hours of instruction covering at least the following:

(A) Knowledge and understanding of different pharmacy practice settings.

(B) Knowledge and understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician in relationship to other pharmacy personnel and knowledge of standards and ethics, laws and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy.

(C) Knowledge and ability to identify and employ pharmaceutical and medical terms, abbreviations and symbols commonly used in prescribing, dispensing and record keeping of medications.

(D) Knowledge of and the ability to carry out calculations required for common dosage determination, employing both the metric and apothecary systems. (E) Knowledge and understanding of the identification of drugs, drug dosages, routes of administration, dosage forms and storage requirements.

(F) Knowledge of and ability to perform the manipulative and record-keeping functions involved in and related to dispensing prescriptions.

(G) Knowledge of and ability to perform procedures and techniques relating to manufacturing, packaging, and labeling of drug products.


(2) In addition to the content of coursework specified in subdivision (c)(1), the course of training must also satisfy all of the following:  


(A) Prior to enrollment in any classes or admission into the course of training, an administrator or instructor shall inform applicants of the criminal background check required for a pharmacy technician license per Business and Professions Code section 4202(c). An administrator or instructor shall counsel applicants about the negative impact to securing licensure if the criminal background check reveals that the applicant has committed acts that would constitute grounds for denial of licensure.  


(B) Prior to enrollment in any classes or admission into the course of training, an administrator or instructor shall inform applicants that the course of training includes practical training at a pharmacy which may require the applicant to undergo drug screening for illicit drug use. The administrator or instructor shall counsel applicants about the negative impact of a positive drug screen, including eligibility to continue the course of training and eligibility for licensure.


(C) Require students to be at least 18 years of age prior to enrolling in any course work involving practical training, such as an externship or any other training equivalent to pharmacy technician trainee placement as defined by Business and Professions Code section 4038, 4115, 4115, and 4115.5.  (D) Require a final examination that demonstrates students’ understanding and ability to perform or apply each subject area identified in subdivision (1) above.  Note: Authority cited: Sections 4005,  and 4202, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 4005, 4007, 4038, 4115, 4115.5, and 4202, Business and Professions Code. 

Since this course is very fast pace, and will require dedication and commitment for the length of the course. Every student will have to commit at least 20 hours per week to be a successful student. Students will also participate in zoom meetings and in person labs and calculations courses. Externship in an actual Pharmacy is MANDATORY, no exceptions.

Upon completion of this short term course the student will receive a Certificate of Completion and be eligible to apply to the board for licensure. Students also meet the requirments to take the PTCB or ExCPT exam.  TAKING THE PTCB  OR ExCPT NATIONAL EXAM IS MANDATORY FOR LICENSURE.

All prospective students MUST possess a high school diploma or GED and have NO FELONY RECORD. Students must have a current BLS CPR card by the end of their course.

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By appointment ONLY

Please call to make an appointment for in person registration at 909-313-8742

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